Leads: Tim Clark (PI) and Sarah Ratcliffe (Co-PI).

The Cell Maps for AI (CM4AI) Standards Module will provide original, interim and final datasets and software from the CM4AI Data Acquisition and Tools pipeline, with final AI-ready results, as comprehensively FAIR (Findable – Accessible – Interoperable – Reusable) digital objects for uptake and reuse by biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. These objects will be provided within a computational digital commons environment based on the FAIRSCAPE framework. Provenance will be tracked using the Evidence Graph Ontology (EVI), an extension of W3C PROV. Rich metadata including detailed provenance with replication packages will be provided on the data, software, and computations in this project, to support extensive, fully informed data and software reuse. CM4AI Standards will play a central role, in close collaboration with the Data Acquisition and Tools modules, in providing the foundation for reliable AI reuse of all CM4AI data and software products.